Another great idea that you heard here first

Remember last June when I said it would be great idea to have a browser plug-in that would allow users to navigate blogs using the J and K keys, much as one does in Google Reader? Well, just this week BoingBoing unveiled some similar technology on their blog:

"You can now jump between posts on the front door of Boing Boing by hitting J and K. It should work on most browsers."

I guess Boing Boing has a few more resources behind them—all BlogCampaigning has is a hard-working editor-in-chief, a cute girl, a lazy German, an absentee founder, and a fantastic copy editor.

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Browser PlugIn Idea

Even though I've heard that E is the most commonally used letter in the English language, I'd say that the letter J might be the key that is used most often on my keyboard, and that has to do with the fact that it is the shortcut for Google Reader that allows you to quickly jump to the next post.

I check the RSS Feeds that I subscribe to a couple of times a day, and using the J key (and occasionally the K key to backtrack when I go too fast) I can get through a hundred of feeds in a couple of minutes as I scan the headlines and text for something that interests me.

The other day, as I was looking actually visiting a blog, I automatically went for the J key to scan to the next post. It obviously didn't work, but it gave me an idea:

How neat would it be if there was a browswer plugin that would allow you to quickly navigate a blog or website using only a few keys in much the same way Google Reader works? I imagine the pluggin as working so that it would automatically recognize a Headline or new section and jump to it.

On a blog, it would work relatively easily. On a site with a more complex website, I think it could work as well. Rather than scrolling all over the place though, it would just move onto the next section and highlight it for you.

What do you think? Does this idea have merit?


Love it? I like TOTALLY love it!

At least that's the name of a newish website based out of Europe, ILikeTotallyLoveIt.Com. The site takes the best aspects of social news sites like Digg that rely on user votes or recommendations for its content. Rather than news, the area of interest for this site is products. Users submit items for sale online along with a brief summary and the link, and other users can vote on it by deciding that they, like, totally love it.

They've already gotten a lot of good press from places like Wired Magazine ("You won't find mainstream goods here - mostly doodads you didn't know you wanted but suddenly like totally need.") and The Times so I there isn't much more for me to say except that you should take a look for yourself.

I think that I'll probably get a lot of inspiration for the upcoming Christmas shopping season. I mean, how else are you going to find cool stuff like this "Bright Blind" fake window?

On a side note, the hard-working German guys behind the site are currently looking for PR representation in North America. If you're interested in working with them, contact Malte Goesche at malte (at) iliketotallylove it (dot) com.


(Their blog also gives you a pretty good idea of what they are up to)