Rule One: Admit to your mistakes

It seems Time magazine's newly launched politics blog, Swampland, just broke the golden rule of what is claimed to define successful public relations strategy.

According to PDF Time Washington bureau chief Jay Carney is now being schooled by a legion of angry bloggers for his unwillingness to admit a mistake in a post. In stead of admitting his mistake Carney is in a new post snares at his critics calling them silly names.

Well Carney, learn form your wrongs in stead of making it worse for yourself. Be honest, admit your mistakes and listen to your most valuable costumers.

As PDF notes, if you want a rough education in the ethos of the political blogosphere, you could do worse than reading through the thread of comments on Carneys post.

This one, by "Hesiod" (republished on PDF) sums it all up!