Useless blogs

Danny Glover of the Beltway Blogroll writes: You can trust me when I say that presidential campaign blogs are a waste of your precious time. They typically contain nothing but regurgitated press releases, photo ops, sound bites and spin. But if you don't want to trust my analysis, a new blog makes it easy for you to find out for yourself by aggregating the content from the presidential campaign blogs. Go to for "a plethora of presidential propaganda, piped promptly and publicly."

If elected in 2008, former Virginia Gov. James Gilmore, a Republican, vowed to become the first blogging president. But I suspect that a presidential blog won't be worth much more time than a presidential campaign blog. Presidential candidates and presidents have more to gain from outreach to bloggers than from actually blogging themselves. That explains why the 2008 candidates are working hard to woo bloggers. That can work at the local level, too, according to one Connecticut blogger who wrote a column for the Hartford Courant.

Dan Thomasson of Scripps Howard News Service warned, "It is easy to predict that before this campaign is completed more than one presidential hopeful may regret the rush to the unruly world of the Internet, where the knack of making things up puts the most inventive politician to shame."

Well, I believe Glover actually has a good point. Check out yourself to see what he is talking about.