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Washington Post: Young Voters Find Voice on Facebook – Site's Candidate Groups Are Grass-Roots Politics for the Web Generation

About the “Facebook Effect” (via The Bivings Report).

Daily Free Press:  Editorial: Campaign blogging reform

Citizens must realize that political blogs and emails have obvious agendas. Campaign managers have spun Internet content for the presidential-hopefuls' favor.

The Politicos:  Liberal Bloggers Demonstrate Their Political Immaturity, Democrats Says

If the liberal blogs want to understand why so few people outside their narrow echo chamber take them seriously, and what it will take to gain the broader credibility they crave, they should look no further than their handling of the recent flap over John Edwards’ foul-mouthed blogger hires.

Update: PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN 2008: Candidates weave the Web

They're pouring resources into the Internet, changing the way politics and the public meet