"Why haven't you been blogging as much lately?"

It's a question I've heard often in the past few weeks, and the reason is time. While a number of people have commented that if the CEOs of major companies have time to blog I should as well.

I think the difference is that most blogging CEOs (and many PR bloggers) have the chance to blog as part of their regular work day (no matter how long that work day might be). My work here at BlogCampaigning is certainly related to the work I do at CNW Group but it isn't part of my job description and only takes place outside of work hours.

I'm also a firm believer in what Jeremiah Owyang refers to as "paying yourself first," although I think I have a slightly different spin on it. His priorities are to his blog and getting his message of web strategy out to the masses.

My priority is to enjoy life.

In the summer, that means being outside. It means playing sports (through the TCSSC) and reading books in Trinity Bellwoods park. When I've relaxed and "paid myself first" in this respect, I know that I can focus on the work that I need to do.

I'm also getting tired of blogging about blogging and communications blogging the newest technology. Instead of talking about, I'm trying to put these tools into practice in a couple of side projects (and I'd like to thank Mark Evans - his Four Reasons Why was a bit of inspiration for this post).

To paraphrase an old saying: Those who can create, do. Those who can't blog about how others are creating.