Got a question for Tony Blair? Unsure of how to reach him? - Through YouTube off course!

It seems like Tony Blair is following in the footsteps of Mitt Romney. Launching “Labour-Vision”, Labour Party's new "channel" on YouTube, Blair has taken the battle for votes further into cyberspace, reports this week.

In a recent video Blair encourages viewers to post questions that he will respond to in YouTube, April 23. The questions he chooses to respond to will be hand picked by himself and journalist John O’Farrell, a long time supporter of the Labour Party. claims that Blair’s online effort is an attempt to catch up with Conservative leader David Cameron, who has been making his cyber-pitch to voters at for quite a while now.

"A slightly uncomfortable-looking Prime Minister who is famously not at ease with computers or new technology" said to that: "The purpose of coming into the YouTube channel is to enable you to hear unmediated, fresh, first-hand, what it is we are about".

Blair’s video has so far been viewed 28,004 times, received 207 comments and a couple of video questions.

Good effort, Blair!