Good effort Mitt!

Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, has posted this video on YouTube: [youtube=]

I think it is a good effort by Romney to make use of social networking tools, to reach out to a broad audience, and to at least pretend he is interested in engaging voters in a conversation that can change America.

Personal Democracy reports that other bloggers feel otherwise:

It looks like YouTube's new "Spotlight" feature and it's first entry, a video from Mitt Romney, are hits. Some bloggers were underwhelmed by Romney's question ("what do you believe is America's single greatest challenge, and what would you do to address it?"). After viewing Romney's video, Steve Bryant at NewTeeVee wrote, "Wow, color me disenchanted already, Mitt. You’ve somehow managed to take the most interactive platform in the world and simply repeat bland politico-speak." Another viewer commented, "The questions for these political YouTube videos need to be more specific. General topics leave no room for addressing specific problems in a specific way." Nevertheless, the video has garnered over 110,000 thousand views, 573 text comments, and 27 video comments. Sarah Wheaton at the  Caucus has a roundup of some of the comments, from both supporters and detractors. People are certainly responding to this direct approach, so chalk up one for YouTube and Romney.