Do we (bloggers) need a code of conduct?

A proposed code of conduct for bloggers has been drafted by Tim O’Reilly, the man that came up with the term Web 2.0, and Jimmy Wales, creator of Wikipedia. The draft can be viewed on O’Reilly’s blog.

Computer Active reports that the code of conduct aims to stop harassment and crudity in language often found in blogs by giving bloggers the right to delete items that could be deemed as libelous or false or any content they feel misrepresents another person, without facing allegations of censorship. Those who post such blogs could also be subject to legal pursuit.

O’Reilly and Wales suggest that implementing the codes of conduct would be up to each individual blogger - those intending to exclude abusive comments on their blogs would include a logo reading "Civility enforced", while uncensored blogs would bear an "Anything goes " label, Computer Active reports.

The question is: Do we really need a stipulated code of conduct?

Most of us already work under the norms that O’Reilly and Wales have drafted - so will anyone bother to link to them, as the two masterminds suggest we should do? Don’t get me wrong, the draft is good and the norms and ideas are what we all should follow if you ask me, but regulated blogging… I am not convinced yet.

There are off course some organizations that are extremely critical to the whole thing, like the Cyber-Rights and Cyber- Liberties which see the code of conduct as an “infringement upon freedom of expression” because it suggest that anonymous comments should be banned, reports Computer Active.

What’s your take on the topic?