Social Media Dreamin'

After reading this post about being sucked into the "social media vortex" by Michael Seaton, I started to think. Pretty much everyone I know has a Facebook and a Myspace account. In one of my two e-mail accounts, I still get updates from Friendster, and I'm sure that there are people out there who have more than that to deal with. My question, then, is why hasn't anyone developed a social-media conglomerator? I mean, I know that I can have my various social media sites and blog update me via my e-mail (and I could probably have one of my e-mail addresses forwarded to the other), but there doesn't seem to be anyone to manage things like that. I would love it if there was one page I could log into where I could see all my posts, and my friends sorted by source, and where I could also update and manage everything. Sigh. I guess its still just a dream.