Creativity vs. Creating Value

John Carmack was recently quoted as saying the following: "It's like "Oh, we're not being creative." But we're creating value for people — that's our job! It's not to do something that nobody's ever seen before. It's to do something that people love so much they're willing to give us money for."

As the creator of the video games Doom and Quake, he was speaking specifically about the First Person Shooter genre of games. However, I think what's he is saying applies to a lot of industries.

'Experimental music' never really caught on. The biggest star in the world today, Lady Gaga, sings formulaic pop music but her execution is flawless.

Some of the best movies in the world don't necessarily have original stories. It's how they tell them.

In marketing, it's not about creating the most innovative campaign. It's about creating one that people will actually engage with.