Blogs flex their political power in Norway

According to an article in Bergens Tidende (a local newspaper for the second largest city) a politician named Tormod Carlsen might grab the first spot on the list of Venstre, a liberal party, in the local elections in Bergen next year. Currently they are a part of the centre-right coalition that are in charge so it's a sought after spot. Oh it involves blogs: Well, apparently he just threw out the possibility of trying to grap the top-spot on a blog, against the will of the nomination comittee (which, incidentally, his wife is a part of). According to the article this unleashed a massive wave of support. Possibly even from people who can vote at the nomination meeting... Or not.

Venstre is a party with around 6 % of the popular vote in Bergen. So this could just as well mean that about 20 people in the same party read the same blog and that's all it takes to unleash a wave of massive support in a small party. Also, Carlsen works as a communications advisor, so he might just have realized that it would be more newsworthy if he decided to slap a "blog-label" onto his bid for the top-spot.  And somehow I have a feeling that he'll get more people thinking about his bid if they read it in a newspaper, most people still don't read blogs.