Sony's Social Media Success

(Disclosure: I work at CNW Group, and work with some of our clients on their Social Media Releases. However, I did not do any work at all on this recent release from Sony, and this blog reflects only my own thoughts and opinions, not those of CNW Group.) Last week, Sony did a Social Media Release to launch its new touchscreen computer. ( "Sony Delivers New Touch Screen HD-TV/PC"). I didn't actually see it until it went live, and when it did I was impressed.

Besides the basic text of the release doing a great job of actually explaining the product, it also included a clear shot of the product that can be easily used by the media (ahem, bloggers) and an equally informative and usable video (embedded below, from the release).

I don't know how this factored into any of their other communications plans, aside from the fact that Sony Canada Tweeted about it from their @SonyCanadaNews account.

What I do know is that both Engadget ("Sony's VAIO L 1080p all-in-one PC is perfect for rockin' moms") and Gizmodo ("Sony's VAIO L works as a full PC or simply a TV") wrote posts about this new PC/TV, and both embedded the video from the release in their posts.

That is great visibility for Sony and their new Vaio L, and I don't think anyone can argue that this wasn't a successful Social Media Release. It shows a real possibility for what bloggers can do with the additional content provided to them.