Games: Empathy Enhancers?

Not only can Tetris apparently cure trauma but videogames can also enhance empathy in children. A new book by psychiatrist and gamer Dr. Kourosh Dini, desribed as the "definitive assessment of video games' impact on children, including on their physical and emotional health, and educational and social development" explains that

Games have lots of benefits, which unfortunately, parents aren't always aware of when the only games they're exposed to are the controversial violent ones targeted to more mature players. Age appropriate multi-player video games can allow children to learn how other people think - a key aspect of empathy. Games can also help a child become more comfortable with new and ever progressing technology (…)

To be sure, there are those who play problematically. Learning how to tell the difference can be critical toward promoting healthy development.

Two things must be taken into consideration here: The games should be age appropriate and they should be multi-player titles as these allow interaction with other, real people. Observing their teammates' play style and reactions under gaming circumstances can help children to grasp an idea of what goes on in their friends' minds.

Basically it's like other play situations, which, as we all might remember, constitute deadly serious affairs for kids and are vital to the healthy development of several skills. It seems that in the case of videogames, these situations are now digitally supplied. A virtual version of cops and robbers, if you will.

Via: Gamepolitics