If Only Canadian Politicians Sent Interesting Txts

In two stories I read last week (both from Textually), it is revealed that the private lives of European politicians and their mobile phones are way more interesting than what we've got here in Canada. First, French President Nicholas Sarkozy ends things with his wife and shacks up with former model Carla Bruni. Then, he tries to get back together with his wife via text message 8 days before he is due to marry Bruni. If that isn't enough, someone has taken the last-minute txt and turned it into a song. (Have a listen on the singer's MySpace page - it's actually kind of beautiful) And in Finland, the current Prime Minister recently dumped a girlfriend (who he met online) via a txt message. Her response? To write a tell-all book and pose naked in a magazine.

Aren't Europeans (particularly the French) supposed to be suave ladies men? I mean, c'mon guys...these moves are amateur at best.