The Social Media Release

Normally I refrain from writing about what I'm doing at work.* Today, however, I'm going to share the Multi Media News Release that I helped develop to launch Access CNW, my company's new, online client portal. (One of the main reasons that I haven't been blogging lately is because I've spent so much time with this).

Have a look at the release here. I'm pretty proud of it, but it couldn't have been done without the help of the talented people I work with.

I'm not going to launch this into a discussion of the pros and cons of Multi Media Releases, Social Media Releases and their ilk.

Instead, I'll direct you to some thoughts about what other people have to say about them:

Michael O'Connor Clarke has made a couple of great posts about Social Media News Releases over the past few weeks. Read the first one here and the second one here. (Note - My employer, CNW Group, is a client of Michael's and I often work with him).

Todd Defren, perhaps the founding father of the Social Media News Release, obviously has a lot to say. Start by having a look at his ancient (by social media standards) post about a template for the Social Media News Release, then jump ahead in time to his recent comparison of social media services offered by various newswire companies (we'll forgive him for forgetting CNW Group, since its Canadian).

And also see what Brian Solis has to say about the Social Media Release in Action. His "Definitive Guide To Social Media Releases" is also a good read, but mostly for the idea that SMNRs are just one tool and a way to complement a story rather than the be-all and end-all.

And lastly, I recommend checking out Collin Douma's entertaining presentation at PodCamp Toronto about the Social Media Release.


*This is a personal blog, and it is something I work on outside of the time I put in with my employer, CNW Group. As is stated on our disclosure page, all of the writing on this blog represents the thoughts and opinions of the individual author, and does not reflect the opinions or our respective employers of organizations.