Hip-Hop and Social Media: Together Again

This post on TechCrunch made me think that my earlier post about how social media might be the new hip-hop was way more on point than I had thought. Apparently, the RZA (aka future-crime fightin' gangsta B.O.B.B.Y. Digital) came up with the concept of WuChess, a Wu-Tang-themed online social network based around chess. Even though I'm a fan of the Wu, I don't know how successful this venture will be. There are just too many free chess social networks, and I doubt that the Wu Army cares enough to support this one.

At least least the RZA seems to understand that it can be a good idea to give away his music for free. Wikipedia quotes him as saying that the Razor makes music...

"...to be heard, personally. And, if somebody download it, if they heard it, then my job was delivered. Of course I love to make the money. I get million dollar album budgets, so of course there's money involved with it. But, personally, as a musician, as an artist, the first thing is to be seen and heard. If you're not seen and heard, who cares? ... I never got pissed off at the Internet kids with the downloading. In fact, I told them, 'Help yourself. Have a good time."

Well put, RZA.

With that, I'll leave you with search for a version of their track "Da Mysteries of Chess boxin'."