Just another political marketing tool?

Although I find it hard to believe that people are sending us press releases/articles about their latest political marketing tool (considering how young our website is), I find it harder to believe that they are sending us press releases that are at least two weeks out of date, like PointRoll has done. PointRoll’s CEO Chris Saridakis, is informing us about rich media, which he believes will be what the 2008 election hinges upon. We do agree with Saridakis when he claims (backed up by a study by E-Voter) that the 2008 election in the US will mark the golden age of the Internet campaign. However, the main problem we have with his model of what rich media (and, we assume, his company) offers is that it seems to be drowning among all the other online political marketing tools out there. But yeah, keep informing us about the ‘political marketing revolutions’.