Blogs You Probably Aren't Reading But Should: TorrentFreak

If you're into downloading music, movies and software from the internet, chances are you've heard of BitTorrent technology (if you haven't you need to get with the times - read the Wikipedia entry, then download a Torrent client and enjoy). If so, then you know that Torrents are one of the easiest and most popular ways to download and share files over the internet. As our world becomes increasingly connected and we turn to the online world for our entertainment,  issues surrounding file sharing will become equally important.

While I think that eventually we'll have a much larger selection of streaming, high-quality media and that we don't need to download as much using things like torrents, TorrentFreak is still a great look at what is important right now and will provide some great examples of how free file sharing can benefit content creators.

Some recommended recent posts are "Five File-Sharing Predictions for 2009" and their series about the most pirated TV shows and movies of 2008.

Check them out at or watch their online tv show, (most recent episode embedded below)

Do you use Torrents to download files, either legally or illegally?

Are there any other blogs or websites you think I should be checking out?

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