PartyBuilder: The Democrats latest all-in-one tool for Online Campaigns

In a press release dated September 12 U.S Newswire writes: This past week, the Democratic National Committee launched PartyBuilder, an innovative set of online tools for civic action to empower Democrats to get more involved in the November elections and beyond. PartyBuilder uses the latest technology to give Democrats across the country the ability to move from online email and websites to on-the-ground organizing of canvasses and rallies in their communities. PartyBuilder harnesses the organizing power of the Internet and combines the technology of intra-personal networks with traditional campaign tactics to enhance the Party's ability to organize and enable change. The tools are designed to make it easier for Americans to get involved in the political process.

This new online tool-set gives users an all-in-one, easy to manage site which allows for blogging, managing groups of activists, organizing and managing real-world events, and fundraising for the Party. PartyBuilder is the next stage of tools to enable activists to contact and mobilize thousands of voters across the country, building on the success of the DNC's national organizing events. PartyBuilder will amplify the DNC's 50 state strategy, which is building the party from the ground up across the country.

This is an interesting development and attempt to take advantage of online campaign tools. It will be interesting to follow this development and see how well The Democrats can utilise this all-in-one online tool in the November election.

These are the tools that PartyBuilder includes

A user dashboard that pulls data from all tools into one, easy-to-manage interface.

A social networking tool that allows for people to connect with one another.

A search tool, allowing users to find each other or to find established groups based on name or zip code.

A groups tool, allowing users to join together for an issue, cause, or candidate. Users then share a common blog, events management system, and listserv.

An events tool that allows users to create real-world events of any kind.

A personal fundraising system, that allows users to take control of the financial future of the party.

A petitions section, allowing users to add their voice to a host of important issue statements.

A letters tool, that easily connects users with the editors of their local papers. Talking points are conveniently provided for a range of issues.

A blog for every user, complete with full management control and commenting functionality. The blogs have an integrated, shared tagging system for system-wide categorization.

(Retrieved from U.S Newswire)