New blog debating strategic communication and crisis management

PRNewswire reports that:

Nicolazzo & Associates announced today (September 12) that its president and CEO, Richard E. Nicolazzo, has launched a blog to articulate his views on how strategic communications and crisis management help shape corporate policies and public opinion.


"Now, more than ever," said Mr. Nicolazzo, "communications has become an important strategic tool for individuals, corporations, institutions, organizations, and governments. In many instances, surviving a major business problem, layoff, or unexpected crisis is predicated on how the issue is framed and articulated.

"My intent is to be thoughtful and provocative on crisis management and strategic communications issues that affect us all. Historically, media outlets were 'gatekeepers' in the open transmission of news, thought and opinion throughout the world. The Internet has changed all that. Blogging is the new frontier," added Mr. Nicolazzo.

Good thing Nicolazzo. I am definitely going to follow your blog. It seems like you get a crucial point about the development within the field of Public Relation. I therefore think that your blog will function as a valuable source for campaign strategists as well. Good on ‘ya’ as they say in this beautiful country I am living in at the time.

Visit the blog here.