#ALI Parker in Ottawa

Inspired by Mark Goren's "Get To Know Me" post introducing himself to people he has meet either in person or via Twitter at the Social Media For Government Conference happening right now in Capital City, Canada (can I call Ottawa that?). I am the Web Content Specialist for CNW Group, and I've been in involved in social media for over two years now, having started BlogCampaigning with Espen Skoland in August, 2006.

On Thursday morning, I'll be holding a workshop at this conference about the Social Media Release. As you might be aware, CNW Group just launched a version of the SMR. Part of my job involves educating both clients and CNW staff about the benefits of communicating using social media, and using the SMR in particular.

I'm in Ottawa until Friday evening, so feel free to get in touch with me if you want to catch up. I'm @parkernow on Twitter, or you can email me at Parker (at) blogcampaigning (dot) com. I'll also be attending Thursday evening's CPRS Ottawa event, so hopefully I'll see you there.