Research on bloggings role in political campaigns

Originally posted Thursday, 24 August, 2006

I have recently tried to gather as many articles and books that I can about blogging's role in political campaigns. Most of the studies I have found so far seem to focus on campaign blogs in the 2004 president election in US. There seems to be little research on the topic here in Australia which I believe is natural since blogging has received little attention in other media here. It would therefore be interesting to gather the information that exists so far about blog activity in political campaigns in Australia, and I will try to put up a list of the articles that I have found so far. Most of them can be retrieved from Google or online journals. If anyone has any further advise I will gladly add them to the list.

In my studies, I am using the Queensland state election to observe blog activity in the election campaign. Right now my focus is to gather all the blogs that debate or take an interest in the election campaign. I will put up this list during the day and I would be very interested in tips about other blogs that deserve to be on this list.

My intention is later to rank these blogs after their popularity and authority. If anyone have any suggestions of how to do this other than using Technorati please let me know.