The list - Blogs debating or campaigning in the Queesland election campaign

Originally posted Thursday, 24 August, 2006Active political blogs in Queensland

There seem to be few political candidates that utilize blogs as a part of their campaign. The only one I have found so far is the National's candidate in Toowoomba

Lyle Sheltons`s blog

None of the political parties utilize blogs in their campaign. Queensland Greens proclaim that they do on their website. I however believe that the Greens definition of what is a blog can be discussed.

I also found one state senator that mentioned the election in his blog

Ron Boswell

Two other senators worth mentioning that operate a personal blog is

Andrew Bartlett

Kate Lundy

Federal MP Malcom Turnbull also have a blog on his website.

Based on a search for “Queensland state election” + Beattie + campaign, “Queensland coalition” + Lawrence Springborg and Queensland Labour, Queensland Liberals, Queensland Nationals and Queensland Greens in Technorati, Gnoos and Google`s blog directory on day one and two of the campaign i found that these blogs where debating the state election:

Larvatus Proedo

The Oz Politics Blog


Ambit Gambit

Poll Bludger

John Quiggin


Shaymus O`Flatulence`s Blog

Suburban Scrawl

Harvey Bay Gossip

Woolly Days

It is just me

Also following the campaing:


I also believe there are some other interesting political blogs based in Australia that are worth mentioning. It will be interesting to see whether these will be commenting the election or not. Most of these blogs was recomended by The Domain as Auastralias best political blogs others I have been recomended from experienced political bloggers such as Graham Young, Mark Bahnisch and Paull Young.

Tim Blir

The Road to Surfdom

Public Opinion

Club Tropo

Andrew Leigh

Week by Week

Jennifer Marohasy



Thoughts of Freedom

Anthony Loewenstein

The Only political activist blogs that I have found so far that is communicating with blog in the election is:

Greenleft Bloggers

Socialist Alliance Brisbane

Other political activist organisations worth mentioning in Australia utilizing blog in their campaigns is

Getup - Blog

Political fractions:

Labour First


Update (28.082006) This is what Wkipedia says about Australian political blogs: Political blogs in AustraliaThese do not have the same notoriety as blogs in the United States for "breaking stories" or potentially ruining the reputations of politicians or journalists. They have also not attracted the same mainstream media attention which comes along with those activities.

There are five Australian political blogs which are predominantly psephological in focus; ABC Elections, Mumble, Oz Politics, Poll Bludger and Psephos. Most of the other blogs are single writers efforts which focus on political commentary from a consistent political view point.

I have found another Australian MP with his own blog: Peter Lewis

You can read what the maker of the blog Adam Lyttle have to say about the blog.

Update: Adam Lyttle told me in a mail (28.08.2006) that he also have developed a blog for Michael Harbison.

Lyttle also reveals that: And I am currently working on another blog, but cannot disclose any information until it has been released. - Which is understandable.

This however might show that there is a growing interest for blogs amongst politicians in Australia. It is certainly not big compared to the US, but at least it is there.


A new councilor blog: Bernard Rooney. Rooney was mentioned in the Sydney Morning Herald 06/09/2006


Senator Steve Fielding has a video blog on his personal website.