Blogs to Watch

One of the questions that we continually ask ourselves is what exactly makes a good political blog. While some blogs focus only on basic policy issues, others delve into the personal life of the politician. Boingboing points out that Sayyid Ali Khameini, leader of Iran, takes it one step further by providing personal advice on his blog. While we may not agree with Sayyid’s condemnation of masturbation during Ramadan and disapproval of “accidentally” viewing dirty websites, he gets top marks from us for maintaining a well-written and topical blog that is relevant to his audience. It is a perfect example of how a blog differs from traditional media (like radio and television) in its ability to go into greater detail than simple sound bites and press releases. Western politicians aspiring to blog excellence should also take note of the “Send a Question” link, allowing people to inquire about specific aspects of Sayyid’s policies.Keep up the good work, Sayyid!