Guido Fawkes responsible for Britain's first genuine blogging scalp?

This is "the topic" in the UK-blogosphere these days. "If my recollection is right, it was Guido Fawkes who first broke the story on Peter Hain's campaign funding on the afternoon of 3 December HERE. It was this story which provoked Peter Hain to contact the Electoral Commission. If Guido hadn't run it, would Hain have come forward? I doubt it very much", sais Ian Dale.

Daily Telegraph-blogger, Mike Fealy agrees:

"In my view (although Guido and I disagree quite profoundly on many fundamentals), his supreme value as a blogger is that he knows how to follow a story. Undoubtedly he kept a lot of psychological pressure on the former Secretary for Works and Pensions, etc, directly and vicariously through his readers/fans/detractors in the Lobby. But he also dealt a number of exclusive and strategic blows along the way, breaching that increasingly thin veil between legitimate news and comment. Let's hope that he is given the credit he deserves. Iain Dale is already calling it a first major scalp for a blogger, and I cannot disagree", says Felay.

via greenslade

- Espen