Blog Hard and Blow Hard

What's the deal with Shel Holtz? I mean, I realize that he is some sort of messiah for a lot of social media nerds. But do we have to listen to everything he says? Its fortunate he has a disclaimer at the end of this post about how great MyRaganTV is. Otherwise, I'd be calling total bullshit on his bearded act. I've called the whole MyRagan-deal out before for being pretty useless and redundant in the face of superior social networking sites (ahem, Facebook, anyone?). I'm really surprised that Shill, sorry I mean Shel Holtz, doesn't recognize that

Oh, wait...maybe it's because he is on their payroll! Although we can't be too critical of him because, as mentioned above, he does make sure to disclose this fact. However, I also feel like he could be a little more objective.

In fact, I think we all need to be a little bit more objective about social media and web 2.0. While I respect enthusiasm, I'm a little weary of self-aggrandizing behavior.*