Here is the list of academic articles that debate blogings role in political campaigns

Originally posted Thursday, 24 August, 2006This list will be constantly updated

The state of Blogging

The Political Blogosphere and the 2004 U.S. Elections: Divided They Blog

Year of the Blogs: Webstyle Analyses of the 2004 Presidential Candidate Blog


Blog for America and Civic Involvement

Blogs in Campaign Communication

”Big Media” Meets the ”Bloggers”: Coverage of Trent Lott’s Remarks at storm Thurmond’s Birthay Party

Does Cyber-Campaigning Win Votes? Online Communication in the 2004 Australian Election

Blogging by the Rest of Us

Blogging and Hyperlinking: use of the Web to enhance visability during the 2004 US campaign

How can we measure the influence of the blogosphere?

Weblogs and Authority

Online Political Organizing: Lessons from the Field

Virtual Campaigning: Australian Parties and the Impact of the Internet

The internet and Political Campaigning: the new medium comes of Age?

Being political now

Update (25/08/2006) Moving to the Mainstream: Web-Based Political Communications on the Road to 2008 (Report by E-Vote)

Uses of Blogs

Update 27/08/2006 Reaching others is a matter of credibility

Update 28/08/2006 Radical Politics on the Net

The voice of the blog: The attitude and experiences of small business bloggers using blogs as a marketing and communication tool

Update 04/09/2006 Secrets of Successful Online Fundraising

Reports retrieved from Campaings Online

Campaings Online: The Profound Impact of the Internet, Blogs, and E-technologies in Presidential Political Campaigning

The Use of Blogs in the 2004 Presidential election

Update 06/09/2006

The Internet`s Role in Political Campaigns