Lots of interesting stuff to report today

So I will break it into short paragraphs and inform you briefly. What you further want to explore is up to you. Her are my favorites:

TechPresident have done further research on Romney’s appearance in YouTube and points us to TubeMogull, which reports that the video has been a big success: "looking at Mitt’s own YouTube views, it almost looks as if he wasn’t online prior to that video – he went from about 3K views a day to 125K on 4/13!".

TechPresident also reports that a newly released study have found that “presidential candidates who have the ‘most comprehensive and innovative websites have also raised the most money: "The purpose of the study is to target the candidates' use of the web, and how it correlates to fundraising. Williams and Gulati are looking for specific innovations like blogging, RSS feeds, use of social networks, email, and splash pages (?) on each site to help them assess the site’s interactive and creative value", reports TechPresident. View the results here.

Todd Zeigler of the Bivings Report joins the discussion about who is doing best online - Dem vs. Rep? And he does have some very useful opinions!

Now my arms hurt from pounding on the keyboard all day long. I am of for a cold beer in the hot Australian sun! Enjoy the weekend!