Republicans still operate in a world of Web 0.5.

At least that’s what Republican Web strategist in Washington and former Capitol Hill press secretary, David All argues in The Politico this week. And I guess there’s no point for me to argue against that. While some attribute this disparity to activist energy on the left, a hatred of President Bush or even dissatisfaction among Republican supporters with their own stable of candidates, All offers another reason: Republicans have failed to place a premium on an effective Internet strategy.

So what can the Republicans do to close the digital divide and get from Web 0.5 to Web 2.0?

According to All:

“To head off electoral catastrophe, Republicans should take immediate steps to improve their technological game. They can begin by creating a nationwide network of state and local blogs. Democrats, after all, proudly tout their legions of "blogging boots on the ground," which feed political intelligence back to a central outlet. From that central feed, thousands of blogs throughout the nation echo the narrative, driving news stories and changing the political landscape. Republicans can and should do the same to better tap into niche markets of supporters who are willing to fight the battle -- wherever it is.”

“To better leverage the power of collaborative fundraising, Republicans should also follow the example of the left wing's There, Democratic candidates from City Hall to the White House can create an account to direct funds to their cause. ActBlue allows its users to find supporters wherever they assemble -- not just at the party's website.”

If you are interested in finding out more about the aspects where the Republicans are stronger than the Democrats online go read All’s excellent post in The Politicos.


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