Well, how do you Like that?

Well, I've gone and done it. I've installed a WordPress plug-in that adds a Like button to every post here on BlogCampaigning. (The plug-in is available via the WP directory, or via Studio Nash Vegas.) Using the toolkit on the Facebook Developers site, I also added a Like button to the sidebar of this blog. It's alright for now, but I think I might try one of the other options (creating a Facebook Page for BlogCampaigning, and including some code linking to that) in the next few days to see how those work out for me.

Although I've noticed that my "Likes" have shown up in the Recent Activity on my Facebook profile, I've yet to notice any "Likes" in my main Facebook news feed or on any of my friend's profiles. Is this because it still isn't widely used?

What do you think of the Like button? Does it even matter? Has it changed your Facebook or web experience? Have you seen any great uses of the Like button?


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