Parker's Blog Roll

A few days ago, I wrote a post detailing our plans to redo the BlogCampaigning blog roll. We've completely erased it, and are starting over again. It is our hope that you'll find these blogs as relevant and informative as we do.

Here are the first five blogs that I'll be adding to my section:

1.) Techdirt - Despite the fact that it is not a PR specific blog, this is probably one of the websites that I cite and link to most frequently here on BlogCampaigning. Mike Masnick is probably one of the smartest thinkers online today and he is able to coherently write about technology, legal issues and even news items relevant to the PR world. Besides giving us brilliant analysis on an almost hourly basis, Mike is also responsible for creating the Techdirt Insight Community (I blogged about this earlier here). This is one of the greatest uses of crowd-sourcing that I have ever seen and is proof that Mike Masnick is one of our era's great minds. (I also had the privilege of meeting Mike at mesh 07 . My only suggestion for next years mesh conference is that they don't limit him to a panel discussion late on the second day but rather give this man the floor time he deserves.)

2.) - If you've been following this blog for a while, you know that I think that video games and cell phones are the future of media and communication. Because of this, I have a soft spot for Textually a site "all about texting, SMS and MMS."  While purists might not call it a blog because it primarily aggregates news about mobile phones and texting without reader comments, it is still worthy of inclusion on my blogroll.

3.) Jeremiah's Owyang's Web-Strategist blog - I'm not sure how I first came across his blog, but I find Jeremiah's posts to be full of great information. He also makes me critically question the way I approach blogging, and web-strategy in general.  According to this post, he also only sleeps "in 2 three hour shifts a night." While I have trouble drumming up his same level of enthusiasm for Twitter (add me and try to convince me otherwise), other posts like his weekly digests make for a great read. I'm hoping that he makes it out to one of Toronto's Third Tuesday events sometime in the next few months.

4.) PR Works - I like this blog written by David Jones for a number of reasons. First of all, he tends to write about things that I haven't read before on a ton of other blogs. Secondly, he keeps his posts short. Exactly the length that I need to get the information and opinion I want. Read what he has to say about YouTube Canada or about his first week at Hill & Knowlton.

5.) Fuzzy Gloves' Scotty Mac and Chris Clarke of Student PR are two of Toronto and the blogosphere's finest young PR dudes and I don't think I've ever been dissapointed by what they have to say. For a taste, check out what Scotty  has to say about how he uses Facebook at work. I only wish they'd post more often.

Any suggestions for the next blogs I should add to the blogroll?