Congratulations To FASHION Magazine!

h_coverIn the face of what is unfortunately gloomy news for print publications, its great to see that some are still succeeding. FASHION Magazine recently announced that they are the first Canadian fashion magazine to reach 2 million readers.

My house used to get a copy every month as part of my roommate's subscription to Toronto Life magazine, and I'm sure that this bundling strategy certainly contributed to the magazine's large readership.

I'm also fairly certain that my two male roommates and myself aren't the target demographic for the publication, but it still made for great reading at the breakfast table.

Although I think that fashion publications have a better chance of existing as dead-tree publications more than other types of magazines, it is also great to see that FASHION hasn't ignored the online, and frequently reminds the reader to check out additional content (including videos) on their website.

Its just great to see any publication (particularly a Canadian one) succeed these days.