Content Is King, But Interactivity Is Emperor

If you've been reading this blog lately, you know that we've had quite a few posts about video games lately, and I'm guessing that you think we are either a.) nerds b.) totally missing the point or c.) geniuses for knowing where it's at. Well, if you thought either a.) or c.), you'd be completely right. According to this article, the video game industry is worth at least $3 billion $34.5 billion (I forgot a zero according to Jens and Price Waterhouse Cooper, see comment below) these days, and that should improve to $44 billion in the next four years.

In Japan (always ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to games), people can't get enough of the Playstation 3. Sony and Microsoft might not be able to decide who is better (the latter claiming 310,000 units sold per week), but the Wii is flying off of store shelves at a rate of 350,000 units a week.

Those numbers are nothing to sneeze at, and if you can't recognize how important video games are going to be in the next few years, it's already game over for you. Every single media industry (and beyond) will have to realize that if they don't incorporate video games into their strategy, they're doomed. Content might be king now, but interactivity is on its way to becoming Emperor.