More For The Blog Roll

A little while ago, I decided that our blog roll had become too long and basically irrelevant, so we at BlogCampaigning decided to redo the entire thing and justify why we were adding new blogs. I meant to add Chris Clarke's Student PR blog last time, but forgot to. His posts always make me think and I know that a lot of PR students value his blog as a mine of great advice. Have a look at this post about how young professionals can really bring something to the table by just being an expert in something that they are interested in.

Joseph Wilburn's PR Cogitations is another blog that I've started following lately. Although he is still a student, he writes like a pro. Read his take on the "informational interview" that so many are going through right now.

And completely unrelated is The Curb Crawlers music blog. I'm adding it because they've always got bangin' tracks that you can listen to and download and because they're based in Toronto.  Check out this post and listen to a sick remix of a pop classic. Its also a great example of blogs actually being used for something other than endlessly circling talk about the uses of blogs and social media. (Yes, we're guilty of this as much as anyone).

On a similar note, I strongly recommend that you check out FriendsRoll and TopLinks that were recently launched by Joe Thornley and his 76 Design crew. It seems like a great way of ensuring that your blog roll is relevant and accurately reflects what you're reading and writing about. When we get our act together and actually install Wordpress (rather than just running this off  of*) in the next few months, we'll definitely be implementing these plugins at BlogCampaigning.

If you're interested, you can also check out the blogs that Jess, Jens and Espen added to the blog roll. Or click here to read about some of the other blogs that I recommend.


*I blame Espen for setting it up like this.