Dangerous84 to Tony Blair

How good have politics become when Tony Blair takes questions from someone calling himself/herself Dangerous44?

That’s pretty awesome if you ask me. And that’s exactly what you will experience if you pay Labour’s YouTube space, Labourvision a visit today. Tony Blair has now published his response to the comments and videos he received after asking the world to contact him via YouTube earlier this month (refresh your memory here).

The quality of the videos is pretty good. They are not too heavily edited, the production is simple and Blair actually appears quite honest. It actually appears as if he is answering the questions on the spot. This is an excellent way for politicians to get their message and policies across. In fact the concept is also very helpful for voters interested in learning more about parties and their policies on different issues. Screw old boring websites. This is how you interact with voters online.

We will definitely see more of this from more politicians in the future. I am totally convinced of it!