Old Man Blogger

Visiting my grammy in Fort Macleod, Alberta last week reminded me that I like old people. I like them even more when they are like Bill Marriot (yes, the Marriot Hotels Bill Marriot) and are using new media technology. This man has not only embraced the blog, but he is french-kissing it. As Igor at WebProNews points out, Bill knows the importance of the blog. Igor makes some other good points about blogs, particularly that they require little time and money to run, and can create the kind of rapport with potential and existing clients that other marketing might not be able to do. However, while Igor praises Bill for his posted responses to reader comments, I disagree slightly. While it is important to connect with your audience, one must also make sure that the blog does not become the sort of Dear Abby/Mailbag forum that it can so easily become. We enjoy blogs because they contain new and engaging material, not because they have to spend their time answering easy questions. For the most part, it seems like Billy Marriott has been able to avoid this. Keep up the good work, old man.