Remember MySpace? Paris certainly does.

The last time I logged into my original MySpace account was so long ago that I can't remember the email address I used to access it or the password. In Facebook-saturated Toronto, it's easy to forget MySpace. But out in the real world, MySpace is hugely important.

Well, if not hugely important, at least relevant. In a recent article in The Globe and Mail ( hard would it be to put online?), columnist Domini Clark writes MySpace "is attracting a new, intriguing breed: the fashionista" and that luxury-brand Cartier recently started their own MySpace profile.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the rumors that the CEO of MySpace is dating Paris Hilton? I can't imagine that she would have that much influence over him in such a short time, but perhaps it is indicitive of the fact that the MySpace brass is rolling with the upper-echelon these days. And she does have a pretty sweet profile.

I guess it is also worth mentioning at this point that MySpace is still more popular than Facebook in America (according to

As I look into new music related to my blogging side project, I'm reminded again of how important MySpace is to musicians and music fans alike.

I guess it's time to start another profile there. Paris and Cheick Kongo will be my first adds.


PS: Apologies to Jens for mentioning Paris Hilton.