AA is getting viral (not what you think)

Careful, social media fanatics. It appears as if the condition known as Aggregation Aggravation (also known as Digital and Social Media Syndrome) is spreading. Big Mike Seaton might not be patient zero, but his was the first (self) recorded case of the epidemic. Michael O'Connor-Clarke and Canuckflack are the latest publicly known cases. Michael's worry about this outbreak is that his reputation might not follow him when he migrates from social network to social network.* While we might be using these networks for different reasons, part of the reason I switch networks is to meet/interact with a different group of people. For example, while I'm glad to be a part of MyRagan for professional reasons, a different part of my personality and interests is equally happy to be a part of Sneakerplay. MySpace was fun while I was in school in Australia and meeting other young students. Now that I'm done there, Facebook seems to be the ticket for catching up with my university friends back here in Canada while maintaining a bit of professionalism (via limited profile). And what is the entire incestual network of PR-related blogs if not one more (albeit, slightly less-controlled and walled in) social network?

I do like Michael's thoughts about using some sort of Doctorow-inspired (?) whuffie.

I don't know if there is a cure yet for AA (or DSMS), and I'm not sure if I care. Post-mesh, I'm too fired up about whats new in the wacky, wide world of web 2.0 to want to stop.

Still, it would be nice to have some sort of aggregator.

Any suggestions?


*Don't worry too much, Michael: if anything, your reputation precedes you

UPDATE: It sounds like both Donna Papacosta and Heidi Miller are suffering as well! Thanks for the advice, Heidi.