A few days ago while Stumbling around the internet, I came across a great series of videos featuring huge robots or beasts playing sports. At some point in each video, one of these giants would fall apart and turn into an ordinary man. In order to continue competing, he'd eat a Snickers bar and instantly morph back. [youtube=""]

I thought they were phenemonally well done, and sent them onto a few friends (others must have felt the same way since I found them via Stumbleupon, one of my favorite little social media browser plugins these days).

While it might not have immediately inspired me to eat a Snickers (I doubt the effects are that dramatic), its a great example of how good content, even if delivered as advertising, can be entertaining.

Sean Moffitt feels the same way, and I'm inclined to agree with him about the great Nike soccer sorry "football" video that he posted the other day.

For more on this, see what Techdirt's Mike Masnick has to say about "how a top ad agency is teaming up with NBC to create TV shows around sponsors' products."