Obama's online fundraising strategy

Here's a lesson from the Obama Campaign: From Mydd's post People make the Campaign.

Here's something original from the Obama campaign, and it's smart too. Instead of showcasing the financial amount raised, they are showcasing the number of people that have contributed to the campaign. I went back to put the number in perspective, by comparing it with Dean's 2003 numbers. And in comparison with Dean's 1st quarter results, the number is absolutely astounding.


Jerome Armstrong points out in his Mydd post:

What Obama is doing with this metric that's smart is setting it up as a parallel process number to the total amount raised in the quarter. They know that Clinton is likely to raise a lot more money than Obama will, perhaps $40 Million? So even if Obama gets half that, he has the number of contributors to point toward as a people-powered marker in the process.

But the lesson doesn't stop here. Here's what one of Mydd's readers had to say about the campaigns fundraising efforts:

I recieved a phone call yesterday evening at around 7:30 pm. The caller identified herself as being with the Obama Campaign. She was very professional and courteous. She thanked me for my last donation and even stated the amout. Then she began telling me about this campaign and how we needed to reach the goal. I told her I actually donated as soon as it was posted and I also told her to keep up the good work and she said "Thank You". I was excited. She was excited. It was great.

Smart moves, both. Keep up the good work!