Social Media and Social Paranoia

Parker's last post raised a question I have been toiling with for some time: what do I do with my Facebook page? I joined Facebook in my last year at McGill  in 2004. At that time, only students from certain post-secondary schools were able to join; I mostly interacted with friends from US because of the inception at Harvard. (For a more thorough historical account, click here.)

At that time, the site served a redundant purpose alongside Friendster, its more dominant cousin.

 We all know the story since then. Particularly over the summer of 2007, it seemed as though everyone I knew was suddenly Facebooking. In addition to connecting with distant friends, it quickly became the primary mode of communication for my local network: organizing birthday parties, starting groups based on jokes, and uploading shameful pictures.

Then I entered the world of Public Relations.

 Suddenly, I began acquiring professional contacts through the site and suddenly, my profile seemed ill-suited as a résumé.

Most recently, I acquired a mentor through the CPRS program. Excitedly, I looked up my mentor and saw that she was on Facebook. Before adding her, however, I hesitated. "I don't know if that's the kind of contact you should have on Facebook," murmured one friend. Another friend echoed those sentiments, "Be careful who you add."

So, how do I reconcile the fact that my social life on Facebook preceded my professional life?

I have de-tagged unsavory photos and removed (most) contentious jokes. I have considered limiting profile access for professional contacts, but that seems shady and duplicitous. I have also thought about having two different profiles: Workjess, meet Partyjess.

I welcome any suggestions you may have. Shall I add my mentor?

 Thanks for reading BlogCampaigning, guys!

- Jess