MyRagan? Not really My bag.

So I joined MyRagan a few weeks ago. Some of you might even be my friends on it. Some of you might not want to be. The thing is, I'm still not sold on it. I mean, I know that there are some real bandwagon jumpers out there, but I'm going to wait a bit. I agree with Canuckflack that MyRagan is the kind of thing that the IABC, PRSA, and whatever other PR/Communication-type feel-good groups that are out there should have done years ago.

But to be honest, Facebook beat all y'all to the game. If there is anything that MyRagan can do, I'm willing to bet that Facebook can do it just as well, and probably more easily. Want to make a group just for Canadian Communicators? I bet there are a ton on Facebook, and that the discussion boards are a hell of a lot better than just internal group e-mail.

But come on. I'm willing to listen. If you're on MyRagan, add me as a friend and prove me wrong. Or if you're on Facebook, add me there and prove me right. Or both.