Get To Mo' Me Better Next Month

While I was living in Australia last year, I heard about this charity movement called Movember. While I regret that I only partially participated in it then, this year I plan on going all-out. It's a great cause, it's fun, and how else are you ever going to know what you look like with a moustache?


As Ed Lee wrote, "If you’d like to help raise money to go towards researching the identification, treatment and rehabilitation from prostate cancer, there are a number of very easy things you can do"

Find out more by following the blog that they've set up here, or go to the site to register to take part in the charity.

 I haven't registered yet because I'm waiting to see if any of my friends or coworkers want to get in on a Mo Team with me, but when I'm official I'll let you know. **

But speaking of being official...I officially challenge Buzz Canuck to a Moustache competition for Movember.***


*Note: artists rendering, actual moustache may vary

** Also, this whole thing reminds me of that Simpsons episode where Homer starts going crazy and hears keeps repeating the phrase "Mo...Mo...Mo...Mo...Mo...Mo.." because Mo steals the recipe for The Flaming Homer. (Secret Ingredient: Krusty brand cough syrup).

***Terms to be in, Sean?