Cool New Stuff at Work

One of the reasons I like working for CNW Group* is because it is such an exciting time for communications, and I am right in the thick of it, working on a ton of cool projects A few weeks ago, I got the go-ahead to launch a Twitter account that would pull news from our 'Internet Technology' news feed. I chose this category from the list because I thought it would be most relevant to Twitter users, and you can check it out here.

More recently, we launched a wicked-cool CNW Group widget that allows anyone to display news from CNW on their website or desktop. I installed one on the side bar of this blog, and you can see it further down. Otherwise, check them out for yourself here.

CNW also partnered with Viigo Inc., a company that distributes news to mobile devices. It is essentially an RSS reader that works on your BlackBerry or Windows mobile device, but it is super-slick and easy to use. If you've got a Blackberry, check it out at

That's it for now...


*This is a personal blog, written outside my CNW hours and may not reflect the views of my company. For more, see the BlogCampaigning disclosure page.