Krazy Kiwis and Their Kash Konverting!

Well, maybe that isn't the most accurate title for a blog post but it got your attention. Anyways, according to Emily (my favorite cell phone geek) at Textually,  one New Zealand bank has developed a system that:

 "...lets customers use mobile phones to pay for services while on the move. Friends set up digital/virtual wallets, linked to their everyday bank accounts. They can then text cash to one another or to pago-linked businesses.

To launch the service, they offered the following campaign:

First, the bank placed peelable stickers showing highly pixilated images of Sir Ed over his regular portrait on 5,000 $5 bank notes. They seeded these stickered notes into circulation. When any curious member of the public peeled off a sticker, they found a message on its back promoting pago and directing them to the Web site,"

First of all, I think that this method of paying things will be increasingly popular as mobile phones become so ubiquitous in our daily life. Congratulations to the Kiwis for being so confident about it.

Secondly, it seems like a pretty cool advertising campaign. Is this even legal in Canada?