Espen's Blog Roll

Well, as I am sure most of you already know: Parker erased the Blog Roll. We are now in the process of rebuilding the list from scratch, by adding only the blogs that we find most relevant to both the work we do and our personal interest.

So without further ado, here's my list:

Personal Democracy Forum Ever since I started this blog I've been interested in reading about how blogging is affecting political processes. One of the first blogs that I stumbled upon that discussed this specific topic was Personal Democracy Forum. PDF functions as a hub that looks at how the technology, especially the internet, has changed democracy – not very much unlike what we do here at BlogCampaigning.

TechPresident To take a closer look at how the 2008 US presidential candidates are using the web for political purposes (and vice versa) and how content generated by the voters is affecting the political campaign, Personal Democracy Forum launched a new blog, TechPresident, about a year ago. This has become one of my most-read blogs, and my greatest inspiration for the work I do on this blog.

e.politics Another "politics-meets-blogging blog" I check into regularly is e.politics. Colin Delany always seems to have the links needed to keep up to date on what's worth knowing about online politics. And this is why this Gonzo-loving blogger ends up on my list.

The Bivings Report Just like Personal Democracy Forum and TechPresident, The Bivings Report also has its focus on the communications industry. The guys over at TBR always offer interesting links and analyses worth digging further into.

Young PR I can't recreate the blog roll without adding this blog. Paull Young, the blog's author and founding father of the anti-astroturfing campaign that we here at BlogCampaigning support, has been a big inspiration to me even before I started my own blog. Paull helped me start the BlogCampaigning-blog, and gave me a crash-course in blogging at the time I worked as an intern at Bam Meida in Australia. I read his blog as often as I can and encourage everyone else to do the same. All you young PR-students out there should definitely have a look at this blog.

Jill/Txt I like reading academic articles about blogging, and Jill/txt has provided me with some excellent links to just that. The fact that Jill/txt is an associate professor at my old university in Bergen, and the fact that this is one of the few Norwegian-based blogs that I take time to read, makes it a perfect blog to place on my blog roll. As with most of the other blogs we read here at BlogCampaigning, this is also a New Media-focused blog.