Who will the netroots support this year?

In the article Battling for Netroots Support’, Chris Cillizza of The Washington Post is trying to figure out which presidential candidate the netroots will prefer this election cycle.

“The quick growth of this loose conglomeration of online progressive activists has made it a powerful interest group within Democratic politics but, unlike 2004 when the vast majority of its leaders and footsoldiers were behind former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, the support of the netroots is less unified this time around,” writes Cillizza.

In an attempt to see how the trend emerges, Cillizza looks for measures of netroots energy on ActBlue, MySpace friends and TechPresident. In my opinion it is more interesting to see how people like Cillizza looks for measures of netroots energy than then their actually findings at this stage. Click on this link to see Cillizza’s conclusion. By the way, The Post promises to monitor measures of online support on an occasional basis throughout the nominating contest in hopes of better understanding how the netroots are shaping the political landscape - Interesting.


This is how Blog I.P responded to the articel.