Social Media Is The New Hip Hop

Remember last year when I was slagging MyRagan and saying that it wouldn't make it past the first year? During that whole debacle I continued to update my roommate. He isn't a blogger, but he told me that it sounded like social media is the new hip-hop, complete with beef. With M0serious climbing up the charts and my recent post about Wu-Tang, I'm starting to think that there is more to my roommate's comment than I first thought.

I was reminded again about this because of this recent post by Tris Hussey at Maple Leaf 2.0 about how Mike Arrington couldn't handle being scooped by Erin Kotecki Vest. Similarly, Shel Israel and Loren Feldman seem to have worked up some serious tension (back story here).

In the words of my roommate, "someone is gonna get shot."

And in semi-related news, look for a post on BlogCampaigning in the next week about the similarities between the Wu-Tang concept of "Killah Beez" and crowdsourcing/smart mobs.