Meet the Murder Simulator of the 1920s: The Spanish Inquisition

The 1920s, not only the "Roaring Twenties" but also the decade that saw the peak of the KKK, the rise of communism, the publishing of Mein Kampf and the prohibition – all events pointing to the social tensions of the time. Finally one of the main, yet so far neglected causes of these misdemeanors could be identified: The Spanish Inquisition arcade game, still playable at Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum. It is an absolutely terrifying torture simulator, allowing the mutilation of people whose only crime it is to hold different beliefs. Rumour has it that this game was the main reason behind the Bath School disaster.

Comments Jack Thompson: "If some wacked-out adult wants to spend his time playing The Spanish Inquisition, one has to wonder why he doesn't get a life, but when it comes to kids, it has a demonstrable impact on their behavior and the development of the frontal lobes of their brain."