On Comments

Since the launch of CNW's Social Media Release a few weeks ago, I've often been asked if including comments on the body of a release are a good idea, and if people should opt for them. Comments are a great tool. If people react to your release in a positive manner, this could be reflected in the comments they leave, supportive of your brand or message.

However, there is the chance that someone will react negatively to your announcement. The fear of them leaving a critical or otherwise nasty comment is what is driving the uncertainty about using comments on a release.

Rather than being seen as a threat, I think that the negative comment should be seen as an opportunity. If one person is critical of your announcement. When they leave a negative comment, you have the chance to respond directly after it and in an official capacity. In a release without comments enabled, unhappy visitors might vocalize their feelings elsewhere, in places you can't reach or might not be aware of. Further visitors to the release who might also be harboring the same feelings might read your response and be swayed.